Blus: Star Chain Arbitrum Ecological Blus Token Airdrop  

MoYuandao Yuandao

Digital Assets 2 months ago
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Blur is an NFT marketplace for professional traders. Blur lets users scan and list markets, snipe displays and manage their portfolios faster than anywhere else.
Blur is airdropping free BLUR tokens and will be distributed in the near future. Repost the official tweet and submit the retweet link to get 500Blus airdrops.

How to participate (Take metamask as an example, other wallets can be analogized):
- metamask switch to arbitrum chain
- opens the link with metamask browser:
- Slide down to find retweet and click
- wait for the page to jump to twitter, login to twitter and click tweet
-vWait for the page to load and copy the tweet link
- Go back to
- Paste the tweet link you just copied in the blank field and click submit
-Wait for a while and refresh the page to see the 500 Blus airdrop

Blus Arbitrum contract: 0xad23babdbde3297e8c2286944effa3b4a653cfec
Wish everyone an early retirement!