DAC: Expected to be Korean Pi  

Yangmian Chen

Digital Assets 2 months ago
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Digital Asset Coin, ultra early Korean Project, only 2200 DAC owed to the core team and basic mining rate for normal miners is 0.1DAC/Day. This is a Gorbachev-stytle project.
Total amount 4096000000 DAC,Public offering quantity 204800000DAC,face value 500 Krw . Announce by white paper listing will be done in 2023.
How to Join:
-Download at Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Dr.DAC&hl=en
-Open Apps and regester, input in sequence by: Your Name - Setting your ID (8 Digit) - input referral code "vladhan"
-12 hour mining cycle, click the lockset-like logo in the middle to start mining
-Menu button at letf top, check "My Profile" to set your own referral code.
Good luck to us all and happy mining.