ICE: Create an anonymous system for community co-governance  

MoYuandao Yuandao

Digital Assets 2 months ago
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ICE invitation code "vladhan" . The latest promising project ICE was officially opened for testing on March 24. Pre-registration opened,binding your team relationships for early rewards! Free mining will officially start on April 4.
ICE is committed to building an anonymous system of community co-governance, and all participants will have decision-making power in the community.
How to get involved:
-Open the link on your mobile browser and download app
-Open the app, click to login with Google or Twitter account directly
-Click Next Step to skip several tips, enter the invitation code "vladhan" to get 25% bonus
- At present, the rewards are just in test, only the team relationship is retained, official version will be launched on April 4th for free mining
Happy mining everyone, wish you all en early retirement