XKR: The first free airdrop of the Swiss public chain project!  

Yangmian Chen

Digital Assets 2 months ago
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The total amount of the XKR public chain is one billion, and the mining machine has been running for three years with target price 50u to 100u.
At present, the Shanghai investing team is running private airdrop, and everyone can get the xkr wraped token on BSC for free with no gas paid. The first round airdrop is distributed and now starts the second round airdrop with double rewards!

How to get involved:
- Open the website: www.xkr-bsc.cn
- Drag down to find the registration button and click
- Enter in sequence:
Confirm Password
Your BSC wallet address
Referral wallet address: 0x1EdDA4fc20E27086f00e407764E2bdC171d89D7e
-(Very important!) After registration, to ensure that you can receive coins you need to join the Btok group announced on the website. The team will verify the address and real person's identity in the group.
Btok: https://d65535.com/xkrbsc
Telegram: https://t.me/xkrbsc

The second round airdrop promotion period is from March 16st to March 31th at 23:00. When registering, your BSC wallet address and the referral address must be filled in correctly. Both users who fill in the referral address can get an additional 2,000 coins, and the invitee can also get 2,000 base coins.

XKR-BSC contract 0x740950620b301731c8bae6bc58fb8cc6feb70fca
XKR Swedish official website: www.kryptokrona.org
Referral address: 0x1EdDA4fc20E27086f00e407764E2bdC171d89D7e