2020 Conference full program released  

Kazushi Yoko

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Co-held Conference gathers pioneers of various content business.

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Following sessions are only excerpts and all bilingual (Japanese/English)


1. How the Blockchain Revolution will Lead Social Changes
Yuzo Kano
Co-founder, bitFlyer Inc. / CEO, bitFlyer Blockchain Inc. /
Representative Director, Japan Blockchain Association

2. Latest Blockchain Case Study by Microsoft Azure and Blockchain as a Service
Kazumi Hirose
Azure Product Marketing Manager, Azure Business Group, Microsoft

3. The Impact of the Blockchain Revolution
Yukio Noguchi
Advisor, Institute for Business and Finance, Waseda University /
Professor Emeritus, Hitotsubashi University

4. Examples of Blockchain Utilization and Its Impact
Kenji Saito
Professor, Graduate School of Business and Finance,
Waseda University

5. The LayerX's Challenge of Changing the Financial Industry with Blockchain Technology (Banking, Security & Insurance)
Yoshinori Fukushima
Founder & CEO, LayerX Inc.

6. Why is Blockchain Changing Society?
Yoichiro (Pina) Hirano
Founder & CEO, Asteria Corp. /
Chairman, Blockchain Collaborative Consortium

7. Chinese Blockchain Industry: its Impact and Latest Status
Takahito Kagami
Editorial Chief, COO, CoinPost Inc.

8. Japanese Governmental Efforts for Social Applications of Blockchain Technology: the Potential of Regulatory Sandbox
Kuniharu Tanabe
Counsellor, Economic Revitalization Bureau Cabinet Secretariat,
The Government of Japan

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