B² Network is the first Bitcoin rollup based on zero-knowledge verification.  

Arsen Asvarov

Bounty 3 months ago
B² Network is the first Bitcoin rollup based on zero-knowledge verification. This Layer2 improves transaction speed and expands application diversity without compromising security.

The project received investments from Hashkey Capital, OKX, Kucoin, etc., the amount of investment is unknown. Now we can loot everyone’s favorite points and move up the leaderboard.

What we do:

1 Go to the site

2 We carry out social networks are not counted immediately at the time of writing the post, I’m waiting for confirmation

3 Next we get test bitcoins from 2 faucets
At the time of writing this post, I managed to pick it up here https://coinfaucet.eu/en/btc-testnet/

4 Making a deposit from the test network to the B² Network

5 We invite friends

6 Go to discord https://discord.gg/fXTr8zzbgY Get active

7 We carry out the Zealy company ➡ Here https://zealy.io/c/bsquarednetwork/invite/eFzQe3pJnCv9EWWrOANcL

8 Buzz
https://buzz.bsquared.network?code=f89eL B² Buzz is a user reward launched by B² Network. The name of the event refers to the whirring sound of intense mining and uses the gameplay theme of "mining rig" with an element of BTC culture, offering users a fun experience in the BTC ecosystem.

Users can deposit assets from early February until three days before the mainnet launch date. Parts production will cease three days before the mainnet launch date. Bridge assets can be brought back into Tier 1 networks in April 2024. Rewards for mining native B² tokens will be paid after the token generation event. Users will be able to withdraw the entire amount of rewards they have already earned.