Free Helium Hotspots and Devices to your doorsteps  

Mikhail Ikpoma

Investing 2 years ago
The Helium Token is the fastest growing project in the world. With several Helium approved hotspot manufacturers and vendors, Ihub is taking the lead to distribute 40 million Helium for free.
Ihub will ship these devices to your door steps once you sign up for these hotspots using a referral link.
Helium Hotspots are simple to install and once that's done, you can begin to mine Helium which is $16 on the exchange markets.
The Helium project intends to build the people's wireless network by utilizing radio technology and the concept of IOT. It would be deploying these devices across the globe.
Since Helium is mined through hotspot hosting and connectivity, the hosting and referral rewards would be regular.
Some miners make a minimum of $500 monthly and areas with highly connected Hotspots bring in over $2000 monthly per hotspot.
I am inviting every one who reads this piece to sign up using the referral link below in order to reserve a free Helium mining hotspot and this preorder will be shipped to you soon by Ihub. Together, we remain connected.
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