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A Happy New Year to all of you, and let’s hope it is a better year than 2020, which took us all by surprise with the coronavirus.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have had an excellent start as the value of Bitcoin, and the leading altcoins, such as Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) have been surging in value over the Christmas period. It has kept many of us glued to the price on an hourly basis. There were definitely days of waking up and nervously opening whichever device you prefer and checking the numbers, often to find that Bitcoin had achieved yet another All Time High while we slept.

Now that Bitcoin has breached the $30,000 barrier, and even almost touched $35,000 at one point, the predictions for an even higher climb are coming in, as might be expected. We’ve seen a small correction this morning, but the USA-based Binance CEO Catherine Coley is suggesting BTC could reach $100,000 by 2022. Only another year to HODL your crypto then! Coley said, “Where maybe we thought maybe $50,000 made sense, this number is definitely going to be a little bit higher than that in my opinion,” said Coley. “I think we’re going towards $75,000 to $100,000 for Bitcoin by the end of 2021.”

Dan Held, crypto exchange Kraken’s growth lead says Bitcoin could be entering a “supercycle” in 2021 eventually driving the price to $1,000,000. That’s mind-boggling.
Ethereum has also seen a massive surge and is now over the $1,000 mark after a few weeks of apparently hovering around $700. Cointelegraph points out that ETH has “broken a critical price point against Bitcoin, signalling that altcoins may be about to see huge gains.” Michael van der Poppe, a market analyst at Cointelegraph said, “I do believe that we’re seeing money shift from BTC towards altcoins and that Ether has bottomed out on the BTC pair,” explained Van de Poppe. “So probably continuation of altseason in this quarter with the topping out of Bitcoin dominance.”

So, buckle up folks, it’s going to be an interesting year in cryptocurrency, even if other things in the world are less inspiring.

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