Here is where the real question is; where are we at in the market cycle??  

Jason Stinth

Other 1 year ago
The whole discussion below brings around a huge point; this market is ran by PEOPLE.
Heres a little history of where I'm at; I entered this market in 2017. Eth around $87, BTC around $1700. I was young(er) and heavily in debt, having worked hard my whole life after an expensive education (side note: it was just after 2016, I was also broke, lived at home, and was heavily in debt). I threw $800 in crypto.
12 months later - I was over $100k in profit. I shit the bed, spilt my assets into forex, stocks, and left most in crypto as - dammit, i was gonna be a millionaire in 12 months!!!
5 years later - I rode the downfall. I joined crypto world and I waited..
Now here we are. Its exciting as fuck. DeFi has exploded. Old school shitcoins have made small fortunes.... and I'm here writing a post and whining.
This market is ran by people;

Johnny what's his face (hairy guy, talks a bit)
Others.. (talk far too fucking much, fairly new to the marktet, lost alot of money 2018- 2020 and made BANK 2020-2012
Me - been here a while, dont post much (but always of value), might post more 😉 🙂
ALL of us, me included, are proponents of this market. Just like when Katy Perry did her nails up with Doge (and others), thos very discussion is a huge milstone in the market! Buut, where abouts is this milestone placed, is the question!?