How to… avoid common mistakes in dApp development  


Dapps 4 years ago
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In this article Inal Kardanov discusses best practices for developing decentralized applications (dApps) using the Ride programming language, and gives tips for avoiding some of the most common mistakes.

The development of dApps for Web 3.0 is often far from a trivial task. Several aspects of this process are different from regular app development:

- Cost of mistakes. A mistake in a dApp can often lead to the loss of funds, including those belonging to the dApp’s users
- Open-source code. Even if you don’t want your code to be available to other developers and users, it will be stored on the blockchain and always available for decompiling (with Waves Protocol, it’s even easy to do this in the blockchain explorer)
- Many interconnected elements. Some dApps operate using the logic of other dApps
- Protocol updates. The Waves Protocol update to version 1.2 and activation of function 14 (if it is accepted for mainnet) will completely change the way the script invocation transaction works. Basically, a dApp’s environment can change, which is hard to imagine for regular development.

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