How to sign up for a Binance Account as a beginner.  

Mikhail Ikpoma

Service Providers 1 year ago
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Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange on earth. It has over 100 million active users.
There are lots of innovative products and services that make Binance stands out.
If you are new to the world of crypto, you will be better off if you get started with Binance. If you are an advanced crypto trader in other crypto platforms or are well familiar with cryptocurrency, joining Binance will reward your hard work and the difference will be very clear.
Here are the few simple steps to signing up for a Binance Account:

Step One
Head straight to:

Step Two
Click on [Sign up with email or Phone]

Step Three
Enter your personal email or your phone, which ever you prefer. Then input a secure password which you can easily remember and check the white box as a way of accepting Binance terms and conditions.

Step Four
Click on [Create Personal Account]

Step Five
Verify your email through the link which Binance will send to your email address by clicking on it.

Step Six
Complete your Binance KYC(Know your customer) verification to benefit from Binance full range of products, services and lncentives.

After this, you are now a verified Binace account user who is ready to live the freedom of money life style.
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