MAIAR (eGold wallet) is finally launched!  

Bassti T

Crypto wallets 1 year ago
Managing your crypto would be so much easier if you had Maiar.

MAIAR is a decentralized eGold wallet which is launched few hours ago.
eGold has been one of the most bullish crypto assets for the past few months now moving from $7 to $68 in just 3 months (almost 10x). Actually, MAIAR is a freshly launched eGold wallet which allows you to store eGold token and other crypto assets (BNB and ETH) securely and on top of that it offers referral commissions and cashbacks for the purchase of eGold ($200 minimum).

Use my referral link to download the wallet and get $10 cashback reward in Maiar when you buy eGold worth $200.

Here is my referral link: