Maximize Eifi Harvest on Etherconnect Platform  

Mikhail Ikpoma

Other 2 years ago
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As at time of writing, Eifi is being traded on pancakeswap for $110. It was over $300 in the last 12 days.
Etherconnect has been doing massive campaigns about its own coin, ECC which will soon be launched in a matter of few months.
Presale of Eifi is still going on on Etherconnect and will last till 31 August 2021
At the moment on Etherconnect, one Eifi is being is being traded at $14 while ECC cost $0.36.
While you hodle the ECC you purchased, Eifi will be airdropped to your Etherconnect wallet. Phase 3 of this airdrop will release 1 Eifi for every 50 ECC you hodle.
This is a rare opportunity to accumulate Eifi which you can withdraw and trade on pancakeswap. other exchanges will soon list Eifi.
If you are interested in Harvesting Eifi via ECC hodling or you wish to purchase Eifi at $14 presale price on Etherconnect, it will be required of you to join the platform via a referral link. You can never tell what Eifi could be worth in the last Quarter nor the launching price of ECC.
Join Etherconnect using this global referral link: