Passing Testnet from Parallel ($63.5M), Airdrop Confirmed  

Arsen Asvarov

Airdrops 3 months ago
Passing Testnet from Parallel ($63.5M), Airdrop Confirmed

Parallel If you click on Apps, there will be an Airdrop tab, enter the code 66E37 there, add yours in the comments

An old project that completely changed its shoes (like Matna) and began making the first Omnichain Layer 2. The following funds contributed $63.5M to the project: Sequoia, Polychain, Coinbase, Pantera and others Today they launched a rewarded Testnet, for participation in which we will be able to receive an Airdrop. They have already confirmed that there will be a control token, so don’t skip it

How to participate?

1. ETH will be needed in Goerli and Sepolia
2. Next, we use the bridge and throw ETH into the Parallel network https://surprised-harlequin-bonobo-fvcy2k9oqh.testnet..
3. On the website
click Create Parallel Account and here request test tokens in the Goerli network
4. After which we will be able to add tokens to pools (Supply/Borrow)

There will also be various tasks on Galxe
for which there will be Points and Airdrop. In general, we are taking the project into development; it does not require investment, and distribution has already been confirmed, plus there are serious funds here.

Point system
Parallel Points serves as the primary incentive channel for users in the Parallel ecosystem, including Starter Points, Daily Points, Referral Points, and Team Points.

Seed Points: Reward users for staking and re-staking ETH

Daily Points: Reward users who interact with Parallel.

Referral Points: Earn up to 20% commission for inviting friends to join Parallel and 10% for second order referrals.

Team Points: Form or join other people's teams and earn up to 30% bonus points.

Parallel Points can be exchanged for future tokens at a predetermined ratio, details to be announced. Stay tuned.

Points distribution schedule
Points will drop every hour, 24 drops per day.

Point calculation
To ensure fairness in the distribution of points, we cannot disclose the exact formula used for the calculations. However, we can advise that the scores will be tabulated based on the following categories: Parallel L2 Balance and Interoperability. Undoubtedly, your level of interaction within these categories will directly affect your points accumulation.