Pi Coin to launch to the public in December 2022  

Mikhail Ikpoma

DeFi 1 year ago
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Criticized as one of the slowest Crypto projects, Pi coin will soon launch to the public. December 2022 is the date set for the launch. With more than 35 million user base, Pi is the coin to watch for.
There was no ico or any form of sales to raise funds for the project which is absolutely based on community efforts.
The only way to get Pi coin is to download the Pi App on Google play or apple store, sign up and begin to mine Pi using your smart phone. Mining doesn't drain your phone battery or expend your data and consist of signing into the Pi App every 24 hours, that's all. You need to also verify your identity (KYC) in order to curb a situation where one person has several Pi accounts. It's recommended to secure the network by joining a security circle. By so doing, you also increase your mining power. To begin mining Pi, use this link:
Then download App by clicking on Android (Play store) or IOS(Apple store). After download, open the app and enter your sign up details and use 'Goldify' as your invitation code to join a mining security circle.Verify your email and phone number and complete your KYC. Then you are good to go. You only need to log into the Pi App once in 24 hours. Once you log in, tap the ' mine Pi' tab. That's all for the day. With over 35 million users across the world and good use cases, Pi is worth getting.
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