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iliyan stefanov

Altcoins 3 years ago
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Hey, everyone!
I want to share here on one of my favorite projects in crypto.
That is Hive!
Hive is a decentralized social media platform, with the main focus on freedom of speech!
As you may know, in those hard times social media platforms are banning users here and there, right and left...
So the answer will be somewhere in the crypto/blockchain space!
There are so many websites and Dapps connected to the Hive network, is not something you want to miss out on!

So let me start by sharing with you how to register.
№ 1 With a telephone number:
( if you chose this option please make sure you copy your password and save it on a notepad fail, text file before continue)

One of the ways is through my link via here:

№ 2 With an email address:
Another option is by downloading a mobile app called Ecency and simply creating an account via email, confirming your email, and receiving your password with the second email.

Let me give you a brief summary of what Hive have to offer at the moment:

Decentralized communities, Freedom of speech, rewording its users for getting activity on the chain, chance to earn some crypto assets ( Hive ) a piece of this great network.

You have many websites connected to the same username and wallet you can use: HIVE Mobile Frontend Mobile and Desktop Frontend - Social Frontend - Alternative Social Frontend - Censorship Resistant Video Platform NFT Card Trading Game Tokenized Second-layer Community focused on Crypto and Finance Alternative Frontend to Exchange Hive-Engine Tokens Real State Simulation Game Beer Brewing Crypto Game Soccer Management Game NFT Marketplace Focused on Art NFT Marketplace Focused on Photography Fitness Tracker Video Platform Crypto Game NFT Music Simulation Game WordPress Plugin - formerly @SteemPress Streaming Platform Social Media Community Focused on Science Technology Engineering and Math Social Media Platform Focused on Sports P2P Digital Asset Leasing Micro Blogging Platform Decentralized Polls Engage your hive network Blogging Platform Question and Answer Platform Domination Game

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