Top Graphics Cards That Will Turn a Crypto Mining Profit  

Shiorshie Galhavan

Mining 4 years ago
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Before buying any graphics card, everyone should pay attention to the main criteria:

The memory. The core principle here is the bigger, the better. This is an important criterion for mining Ether (ETH). For most cryptocurrencies, it is better to use video cards that have at least 4 GB of memory.

Speed. The best option would be to use DDR5 standard cards. They have a good balance between energy consumption and power.

Cooling. An important element in the mining process is the protection of the graphics card from overheating. After all, mining puts a heavy load on the card, and, therefore, it is subject to wear and tear.

Overclocking ability. Cards that can be overclocked work 20%–30% faster, which, of course, contributes to better efficiency.

Bus width. The memory bus width of a card is a channel that connects the memory and graphics processor of a card. How much data the card will process per unit of time depends on the width of the memory bus. This is one of the key parameters that affects the card’s performance. The best option would be to use a 256-bit setup.

Complexity of operation. Many graphics cards require detailed BIOS settings. Others need to be pooled together in large quantities. Most in the crypto community believed that it is best to combine four to six cards in a rig to make up a single unit.

Potential. The main ability of a particular graphics card’s model is to remain relevant in the mining process of the most promising algorithms for as long as possible.

Price/payback ratio. It is in everybody’s interest to recuperate the costs of the equipment as soon as possible and then start making money from mining. Therefore, this is perhaps the most important criteria to be mindful of.

New video cards are released constantly, so it is essential to be aware of new releases. However, not all new video cards are capable of high-quality mining. Below are, arguably, the best graphics cards for crypto mining in 2020 from two major chip developers - Nvidia and AMD.
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