We read, we look at everything, we make a decision, maybe something worthwhile !!!  

Arsen Asvarov

Events 2 months ago
We read, we look at everything, we make a decision, maybe something worthwhile !!!

https://chat.sending.me/share?user=@sdn_1be38117c5ebd7c60db185e7cdef19fd7d1f582e:1be38117c5ebd7c60db185e7cdef19fd7d1f582e&usc=qhf5hU SendingNetwork Testnet Mining

Or log in with the invite code: park01

Ensure you've completed all tasks on Galxe to secure your spot on the waitlist https://galxe.com/SendingLabs/campaign/GCk4TtT3o2









Hello everyone,

We're thrilled to invite you to participate in our Testnet Mining initiative! This is your chance to play a pivotal role in securing and decentralizing our network by running nodes, and in return, you'll earn SendingNetwork Points. To get on the waitlist and take your first step towards contributing to our community, please complete the form below. Details will be announced shortly, so keep an eye out for updates!

About SendingNetwork
SendingNetwork is a decentralized social network that puts power back in the hands of its users, redefining communication with a revolutionary 3-layer architecture.

With SendingNetwork, you can seamlessly receive messages across any messenger built on top of SendingNetwork, ensuring your conversations stay fluid and borderless; take full control of your social assets with built-in decentralized identifiers (DIDs), empowering you with complete ownership; communicate securely with friends through end-to-end encryption, providing you with privacy that's second to none and merge chat, payments, and trading in one unified experience, simplifying your digital life.