Will Cardano have “thousands of dapps in 2021”?  


Dapps 4 years ago
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Cardano launches Shelley mainnet

Smart contract blockchain Cardano has launched the Shelley version of its mainnet. CEO Charles Hoskinson took to Twitter to celebrate and also provide some predictions about its future.

Notably, he predicted there would be “thousands of dapps” running on Cardano by July 2021.

Of course, Hoskinson knows better than us the level of interest from dapp developers in Cardano. Another caveat is dapps can’t launch on Cardano until the blockchain receives support for smart contracts via the forthcoming Goguen upgrade. We’re not sure when that’s due.

Nevertheless, if there’s one thing we do know at DappRadar it’s dapps.

And so we consider Hoskinson’s prediction; particularly in the context that – after five years – we’re tracking just under 2,000 dapps on Ethereum (many of which aren’t active), and less than 750 dapps on the EOS and TRON blockchains (again, many are not active anymore).

Our conclusion: this prediction of “thousands of dapps” running on Cardano is highly unlikely, but it doesn’t matter.

It is much more important to have a small number of high-quality dapps attracting users and value than a large number of dapps without any community.

But maybe predicting there will be “tens of high-quality dapps” running on Cardano by July 2021 just doesn’t have the same ring to it.


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